DAREU H105 Mechanical

Tri-mode E-sport Somatosensory Gamepad with Mechanical Switch, Adjustable Deadzone
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approx. 210g

Technical Specifications

Connection Type:

Wired or Bluetooth or 2.4G receiver







24 buttons


5 levels vibration



PC, steam, SW, Android,ios

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H105 Mechanical Gaming Controller

Mechanical Switch| Hall Effect | 0% Deadzone & Multi-platform

Product Features

Mechanical Buttons

12 Mechanical Tactile buttons for Quick response, quick trigger

The ABXY buttons, back buttons, shoulder buttons, and directional pad all feature mechanical micro-switches. The ABXY buttons utilize Kailh 3 million clicky micro-switches with a total travel distance of 0.5mm and a trigger distance of 0.2mm, providing a satisfying "click-clack" sensation with crisp rebounds and fast trigger responses. Compared to traditional silicone buttons, they offer a 6% increase in response speed. Total distance:0.5 mm Trigger distance:0.2 mm Lifespan:3 million

High-precision joystick

More accurate, smoother PC+PTE material effectively addresses friction-induced wear and tear, ensuring joystick longevity and preventing drift.

Joystick dead zone mode

Zero dead zone joystick, effectively preventing joystick drift. With a lifespan of 2 million rotations, easily switch between zero dead zone and dead zone modes using the FN key.

Layout switching

Support Xbox/NS controller layout switching. Support layout switching in Switch mode to accommodate the key habits of both PC and Switch players, eliminating the hassle of users needing to glance down at the keys.

TURBO Rapid Fire

Independent rapid fire button, instantly triggering actions with a single press. Independently set rapid fire button by long-pressing TURBO + action button to activate rapid fire function. It can be set to semi-automatic/full-automatic mode, with a maximum setting of 16 times per second.

Customizable macro back keys

Dual back key macro programming technology for instantaneous triggering.

Tri-mode and Multi-platform

The controller offers three connection options: USB wired, Bluetooth 5.1, and receiver mode. Users can seamlessly switch between these modes based on their usage scenarios, ensuring compatibility with PC, Switch, Android, and iOS devices, catering to the diverse needs of users across different platforms.

Hall Trigger

Achieve precise control with sensitivity to even the slightest differences in pressure, allowing for nuanced control. By simulating signal transmission through electromagnetic induction principles, we achieve trigger functionality, accurately providing feedback on varying degrees of pressure, enabling millimeter-level touch control.


Powerful onboard driver

No need to download an app or go through tedious setup steps. With the FN+combination keys, you can easily switch lighting effects, adjust dead zones, configure motion sensing, control vibrations, enable rapid fire, and manage multimedia functions (volume, track switching, mouse control) (Android mode)—all without additional software, making the controller smarter.

Somatosensory Control

Cross-platform motion control, supporting six-axis somatosensory h105 mechanical version comes with a built-in gyroscope, supporting PC motion mapping and native motion sensing on the Nintendo Switch. The controller includes a motion sensing switch, enabling motion control on any platform with a simple toggle. For the Switch console, native motion sensing is supported without the need for motion mapping. Additionally, when connected in Switch mode, some Steam games can support native motion sensing.

Asymmetric Vibration Motor

Five-level vibration for an immersive experience

The DAREU H105 comes with built-in vibration adjustment buttons, offering five levels of vibration intensity adjustment, and the option to enable or disable vibration, catering to users' varying vibration preferences for different games.

One-button wake-up for Switch.

Wake up the console with just one press, no need to get up

Support remote one-key wake-up for the console, allowing for automatic instant connection without the need to get up, simplifying pairing.

930mAh Battery

Continuous gameplay for an entire day.

The DAREU H105 controller is equipped with a built-in 930mAh lithium battery, providing up to 25 hours of continuous gameplay.

RGB E-sports Lighting

Even in the darkness, it shines brightly

The DAREU H105 comes with two RGB light strips, complemented by multiple dazzling lighting modes, ensuring it shines brightly even in the darkest of nights.

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