Have You Heard of The Silent Mechanical Keyboard?

Have You Heard of The Silent Mechanical Keyboard? - Dareu

A mechanical keyboard is a computer staple. The peripheral device is known for durability, personalization options, and responsive keys. However, the loud noise is the only letdown that prevents the users from focusing in different environments. Therefore, a silent mechanical keyboard with the following features will make your life a lot easier.

Noise absorbs

The silent mechanical keyboard has special features that will reduce the noise. They have specialized switches that absorb shocks with upstrokes and down strokes. Its internal mechanism is most effective at eliminating noise. Its mechanics do not overlap with the feel and performance of the switches. You will not feel a difference in operating the keyboard.

Soft switches

The mechanical keyboard has softer switches that are made with a POM plastic that makes less noise. The material will absorb the key shock and vibrations, so you continue to type in silence. The silent keyboard is designed to promote focus and effectiveness. The keyboard noise is annoying to a lot of people, which can lead to delays.

Less distance between keys

The silent mechanical keyboard has less distance between the keys. Moreover, the places below the keys are shallow. Since you are not using a lot of force to press the keys, the noise is minimal as well. The reduced key movement also promotes silent typing.


You can lubricate the keys to ensure the silent mechanical keyboard stays silent. You can use special oils or home grease that eliminates the friction. You will notice the plastic-on-plastic noise has disappeared. Moreover, the spring and switch will benefit from the lubrication.

O rings

The keyboard comes with unique O-rings that absorb the impact upon pressing. The rings have rubbers that ensure less force when the keyboard is being used. The noise of harsh plastic is avoided successfully.

Keyboard o-ring

Special foam

In addition to rings, the mechanical keyboard has a unique foam or thick plastic that absorbs noise. The polycarbonate composition of the plastic does not let out noise compared to the open-design versions. It eliminates echoes and a lot of repetitive keystroke noise.

What are silent mechanical keyboards best for?

Silent mechanical keyboards are very versatile. You can use them in gaming as well as typing. However, they are more useful for typing.


The quietness and smooth use of the keyboard will not disturb family members or housemates while you are gaming. At the same time, you will enjoy prompt input and precise results. Competitive gamer may use loud switches for feedback. However, novice gamer can enjoy the silent attribute.


Silent mechanical keyboards are made for comfortable and long-lasting typing. They eliminate noise solutions. Furthermore, the o rings and foam reduced wrist fatigue. You can switch keys a lot easily. You can test different silent keyboards before picking the best option. It allows you to match your expertise and needs for the ideal purchase.

When are you buying a silent keyboard?

You can use a silent mechanical keyboard in the library or the office. Use it to game while your partner sleeps or to work when the toddlers are napping. The use of a silent keyboard promotes easy working. The environment is not disrupted, so you can focus on achieving milestones.


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