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Where to buy keyboard switches - Dareu

Stock switches don’t cut it anymore, do they? Music to your ears: there’s a whole world of keyboards out there. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what to consider when purchasing one and where to buy keyboard switches so that you can feel the difference under your fingertips.

May your typing experience never be the same!

Before considering where to buy keyboard switches, decide on the switch type

Keyboard-wise, the options can overwhelm everyone. But when looking closer at switches, they all come down to three main types – clicky, linear, and tactile. Let’s dissect what every option has to offer.


True to their name, clicky switches are audible when pressed. Their unique release mechanism is to blame – or to thank. The audible feedback lets you know the keypress is registered for intuitive typing. So, if you are into a keyboard that makes you follow at the listening level, clicky is your way to go.


Linear switches are the icing on the cake for a smooth, nearly indistinguishable experience. They maintain silence when you play video games and are responsive to shore up fast typing. If you want keystrokes that glide and are noiseless for some undisturbed gaming, these switches are your best bet.


Frequent typos and wrong shortcuts? Forget it. Tactile switches are here for slightly tangible feedback as part of the hit, so you can type instinctively. They have a small bump and are halfway clicky and linear switches. And because they generate little noise, they are a great decision if you want a balance of feel and sound.

After reviewing the most sought-after types, it’s still too early to wonder where to buy the keyboard switches of your choice. At this stage, try to fathom what each is actually like, think about how much noise you can tolerate, and identify the tasks you’ll be performing.

Actuation force and distance

You don’t want to put a brick on your keyboard for the keystroke to be registered. That’s why actuation force matters for all switches. Generally, the linear type requires little effort and is touted for gaming as switches respond painlessly.

Before we explore where to buy keyboard switches, let’s look at another pivotal point – how far the keys sink when pressed. Shorter actuation distances mean the keys are activated on the fly with less effort, which is excellent news for responsive typing. Longer actuation distances require pressing the keys further, which may not be as coveted for gamers.

Local PC stores vs Online collections

If you lean towards instant gratification, no matter the cost, you can head to your nearest electronics store. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the specifications and features of different switches.

On the other hand, if you’re considering where to buy keyboard switches at reduced prices and without local product limitations, online retailers are your devoted companions. They live and breathe keyboards and have ever-expanding collections while running sales and promotions to save you cash on your custom build.

Check out the Dareu store for premium switches and prices for budget-conscious keyboard enthusiasts. Our support staff are all dedicated mechanical keyboard users who understand your passion like nobody else.

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